Life Update

So you’re probably wondering why i haven’t updated or posted in a little while.

Well, in my absence I was busy shopping and preparing some lovely cards and gifts with my partner ready for Mothers Day.

However, unfortunately prior to this I did not make Mothers Day myself.

We had planned to attend a Motorcycle protest consisting of over 5000 bikes then spend the rest of the day with our families..  but my health to an extremely unexpected turn for the worst.

Bad luck, I guess.

I presented with a temperature of 39.8C and a heart rate of 151bpm, and very high blood pressure.

I was taken in by ambulance, I do not remember much of my stay in accident and emergency due to a mix of the amount of pain I was in and the amount of morphine I was given to try and numb it.

After spending a very physically and mentally  8 days in hospital, I am more than happy to finally be home!

It really got me thinking how thankful I am for the great people in my life, who have helped me through this past week and made me realize just how truly grateful and lucky I feel to have them in my life with me, especially through these hard times.

I am currently suffering with depression and anxiety again as a back lash of the trauma of everything that has happened in such a quick amount of time, but positivity is key!

The only way is up.

I am hoping to make a speedy recovery in these next 3 weeks with the help of others around me.

On the bright side I have 3 weeks spare to keep posting and updating my blog and maybe even try some new crafts and recipes from home when I am feeling a little bit better.

Once again, I can not thank both the nurses who treated me and the people around me for all of their help.





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