STOP – Why It’s good to take time out

IMG_1835[1]In todays world, our lives are jam packed with things to do, things to think about and things to stress about. I’m sure you, like me, find yourself constantly running from a to b, juggling far too many balls and generally just living on high energy to try and keep up with lifes demands. But with a fast pace and demanding life and career, often we can forget to take a moment out, stop, breathe, get some perspective, just relax.

I have made a pact with myself that this year i’ll get my ‘wellbeing’ in much better check. I’ll take more time to look after myself, and spend more time doing, well, nothing really. The benefits of taking some time out are too good to be ignored, so today I thought i’d share with you why I think it’s good to take some time out & how it can actually help you in the long run.


Taking time out helps your body and mind rest and refresh itself, more often than not when you take a little time out, you end up feeling more energised and motivated than if you just keep ploughing on. When we’re busy and stressed, taking a break gets de-prioritised completely, but actually this in itself is counter intuitive, as actually taking a break and some time out is a guaranteed way to help feel re-energised (and boosts your productivity, more on that to come).


Stepping away from day to day life, and taking some time to yourself, whether it be an hour to have a coffee and read your book, a weekend away or a week or two abroad, is a great way to garner a little perspective. When you open your life to more beyond just work or your daily stresses, you help give yourself some clarity, some perspective and gradually what felt stressful before, feels far more manageable. Because you’ve had time to get some perspective.


When you’re relaxed, you’re more creative. A relaxed state allows you to access a different part of your brain (I wrote all about in my tips post about boosting your creativity), so when you take time out to chill, to relax and to unwind, you’ll find yourself more inspired and thinking more creatively. It’s why the best ideas always come when you’re on holiday (or on the toilet). So if you’re needing some inspiration, take some time out, it’ll come naturally before you know it.


Having time to rest and recuperate is the simplest way to ensure you are always productive. The more you wear yourself out, the less efficient and productive you become. This is especially pertinent when you’re working and swamped in deadlines and work loads, the stress and pressure means you stop taking breaks and giving yourself a moment out … but actually taking time out in these moments has never been more important.


And more than anything, have time out to spend with your loved ones, to yourself or simply to do the things you love, of course boosts your positivity and happiness. It’s so important to have a  good balance in life, and taking time out to just escape the day to day is so important in helping you keep that positive outlook in life. I for one love to spend time escaping the day to day through my blog, or weekend trips to see my family, or even just little trips to the seaside for a beach walk – the ultimate cure for any stresses.

So stop making excuses. Take some time out. Dedicate some time to yourself. Not only will you love it, it’ll actually have tons of benefits too.


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